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I fully embrace the idea of art as an affordable and wearable commodity. Not only does the concept strip away the pretense of traditional Fine Art, it also subverts economic and cultural boundaries that our established museum and gallery systems reinforce.



special mistery box

Special Mystery Box by DAB (Doctor and Barber)!!! Only limited on micro mecenat.



Size: XS/S/M/L

Select Your Size. The design will be chosen by DAB.

After the payment, please submit your size here.

- Mystery Art Piece (With an autograph at the back)
plexi glass prints H 30.48cm x W 35.56cm
brushed aluminum H 27.94cm x W 25.4cm
brushed aluminum H 35.56cm x W 30.48cm
heavy duty etching paper H 30.48cm x W 35.56cm
* Art Piece will be selected by DAB.

Edition: 10

Tote bag and Bear Chain Necklace as individual return are also prepared:

-Tote Bag
Size: H 40.64cm x W 35.56cm
Edition: 20

-Bear Chain Necklace
Material: Silver
Edition: 10


about DAB

DAB (Doctor and Barber) is a San Francisco based design collective founded by Tim Evans and Jordan Westcott in 2011. Their diverse spectrum of graphic production expertly caters to those comprising the stock of huckster, haberdasher, prognosticator, apothecary, and a host of other odd fellows, and is meticulously culled from a fine assortment of carefully curated (and digitally manipulated) nineteenth century theatrical playbills, medicinal advertisements, music sheets and secret societal symbology.

Collaborating with such San Francisco institutions as The Perish Trust, Welcome Stranger, HANGR 16 and Density, their well selected stock of wearable curiosities and ingenious contrivances celebrate a grand medley of miscellany harkening to the Gilded Age of the Golden West, imbibed with a reverberating credo: HISTORY! MYSTERY! ABSURDITY!


―Q. Why DAB’s style choose vintage illustration for your artworks?

A. Having spent the past six years as the chief curator for California’s oldest private historical society, I became quite enamored with the incredibly inventive graphic history of California’s Gilded Age (late 1850’s to the late 1890’s).
In the process of my research for the museum, I began to privately collect vintage ephemera and graphics from this period and eventually started to work directly with the materials I was collecting; recasting, digitally manipulating and sometimes completely reconfiguring original advertisements and playbills using Photoshop and Illustrator.
I’m intrinsically attracted to the fervor, ingenuity and mystique of the post-Gold Rush era in California and hope to infuse some of that flavor into every DAB design.

―Q. What is the message through your creation?

A. The message of DAB is quite simple: a nod to the past, an embrace of the present, and an augury for the future.

―Q. Where do you get your inspiration? What inspires you?

A. The most immediate source of my inspiration is the indelible wit, wisdom, and wonder symbolized by the graphic tradition of California’s gilded age.
I am also rather indebted to a number of more familiar artistic movements such as Constructivism, Dadaism and Surrealism.
But perhaps one of the more surprising and least obvious sources of inspiration comes from Japan’s long line of mangaka. The exceptional draftsmanship exhibited by legends such as Yoshiharu Tsuge, Kazuichi Hanawa, Suehiro Maruo, Usamaru Furuya, and Taiyō Matsumoto have had an enduring and poignant influence on my creative pursuits.

―Q. Please give a message for micro mecenat users

A. As the dazzling sun-burst of high jinkobial chicanery continues to ignite, Doctor and Barber implore thee to raise your voices in the chorus of our credo: HISTORY! MYSTERY! ABSURDITY!

curator profile


While been in charge of DIESEL's creative direction, both print and online creative, he is also curating and producing numerous projects, installations and exhibitions at DIESEL ART GALLERY. He has also been discovering and supporting artists and architects actively, and has introduced rising talents to Japan in the past, such as Jules Julien (France), Mathias (Belgium), Boris Hoppek (Spain), Simon Henwood (UK), Fannie Schiavoni (Sweden), Mogollon (US), Christian Joy (US), to name a few. Read his blog on 'Higher Frequency'.



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 2012.Aug.25 - 2012.Oct.25

●30$ — Tote Bag
Size: H 40.64cm x W 35.56cm
Edition 20

●65$ — Bear Chain Necklace
Material: Silver
Edition 10

●230$ — Special Mystery Box
Edition 10

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・The transport fee ( all over the world) is included.

・Your returns will be sent once the project is done.
It may take several weeks after the end of the project.

・Art Piece will be selected by DAB.

・The cancellation and the refund, in principal, are not allowed.
Please contact us for others inquiries.

・Regarding the personal information management, please refer to our Privacy Policy.